Saturday, August 18, 2007


Peter Inman, done for a benefit reading at Folio Books, 1977

Terence Winch, done on the spot in the basement at the Strand Bookstore
in New York City, and later published in the collection of instant
self-portraits that Burt Britton had solicited over many years, 1976

Diane Ward, done for the same benefit reading at Folio Books, 1977

yours truly, a doodle from circa 1982


mike said...

Too bad Clark Bars were made in Pittsburgh at that time! What a douche bag!

douglang said...

I see what you mean, Mike. That's very witty.

I'm sorry I missed your going-away party at The Black Cat.

By the way, thank you for the great picture of me that I've used at this weblog, and for which I could not find a way to give you proper credit.

I miss you already.

Don't forget to breathe.