Friday, August 10, 2007

Insert No. 2

Typical autodidact, I've always got to be learning something. This blog is no exception. As well as remembering, researching, documenting, and so on, I'm learning. Maybe it's the same for everyblogger. I'm finding out exactly what I think, as opposed to kind of what I think, or what I think I think. And I'm gathering and organizing data. And I'm learning.

This blog has four threads.

History Project is my attempt to place what I "know" or may (re)discover in some kind of context. 1975 will be the next post in this thread.

Poets is a combination of portraiture and memoir, with some "literary" history and appreciation. I'm kind of anti-literary, hence the quotation marks. I have not completed my post on Michael Lally yet; the next one will be about Ahmos ZuBolton II.

Texts is all about reading. I don't want to write reviews. Not at all. It is a little bit tricky, because what I'm doing is going public with my own reading habits. I try to document my own thoughts regarding the text at hand. It's pretty much what I do in private, without concession to the fact that others will be reading it, to whatever extent that is possible. The next text up will be Heather Fuller's perhaps this is a resuce fantasy.

The Inserts thread is for material I don't want to put into other posts, announcements, explanations, asides, odds and ends, whatever.

There will be a fifth thread of autobiographical material.

So, like Dan Dare, in the old Eagle comics back in the UK, I'm going to explore the universe, and fight the Mekons…

Yes, that is where the Mekons got their name.

So Good It Hurts

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