Monday, August 27, 2007

Bruce Andrews

There have been several poets who have established connections was the DC alternative poetry scene over the years, via repeated visits, readings and friendships. Not only is Bruce Andrews one of them, he was part of the DC scene early on, attending Mass Transit readings, and being published by SOUP.

Bruce Andrews, Doug Lang,
Michael Lally

Nothing passes unalarmed.
When we read Samuel Becket's statement "To find a form that accomodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now" we are reminded of Beckett's consummate ability to find that form. It may be Bruce Andrews' unique gift to have found the mess. I cannot think of a twntieth century artist that approximates Bruce Andrews' breadth of critical reference. Like Joyce or Mac Low, the range of Andrews' vocabulary demonstrates the measure of the mess, whilst, like Burroughs or Debord, his rabidly articulate criticality negates those that would frame politics (i.e. this life) as anything other than a struggle, with stakes. Rod Smith, "introduction" AERIAL 9

2 B's bonding at Folio Books

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