Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Insert No. 1

I just wanted to say that my post on Andrea Wyatt (below) is now complete (9:40 pm Tuesday, August 7, 2007). There’s a new third paragraph of biographical data, plus photographs, a lot more material at the end, and more comments, including one by Andrea about Max Douglas.

Coming attractions

My first post on a text, 25 poems by Tom Orange (almost done)

History Project part 3 (1975). This may be in process for a while, as I sort through the detritus of my library and papers and the fuckwit theme-park of my psyche. I may
post this while in progress and hope that that isn’t too annoying.

Michael Lally

1972, London

A little pre-American history of my own life as a poet, in the land of Raworth, Harwood, Mottram, Prynne and Fisher.

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